Confederate President, Jefferson Davis’s Wife Was African American


The Ethnic Origins of Confederate First Lady Varina Howell Davis, Wife of Jefferson Davis.

(From robots in masquerade dot blogspot dot com)


Mrs. Jefferson Davis, First Lady of the Confederate States of America

Whenever one is addressing a controversial topic – in this case, the Confederacy – I believe it is important to immediately explain why.

When I was a college student (at a liberal institution in NY), a Southern professor came one year to deliver a lecture about why the Confederate flag should be embraced and she was booed off stage (and off campus) immediately after she started speaking.

I think that was wrong, mostly because we are pretty lucky that we don’t live in, say the Soviet Union or Saudi Arabia, places where an individual does not even have a basic right to express their opinion or to live and practice religion (or other cultural traditions) as they…

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