Images of Miscarriage Used by Anti’s Against Planned Parenthood

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ProAbortion & ProChoice is ProLife

Planned Parenthood has been under constant attack by the extremist group made up of anti-abortionists, anti-choice (or as I prefer to more accurately call them, antilife) and of course, anti-women (even if they are women themselves). Just as anti’s attempt to lie to women about how bad a woman is for terminating an unwanted pregnancy (which is not true), how we are murdering a child (not true) and are evil (again, untrue).

And just as they have gone to extreme lengths to create fake clinics such as Crisis Pregnancy Centers, where abortion isn’t an option to discuss but lies and deception are working at full force; they still have not failed us in these attacks on Planned Parenthood as they are nothing more than falsified videos, highly edited in an attempt to make people want to rid America of the help Planned Parenthood brings.


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Christmas Island, Australia, July 2014

Well, This Is What I Think


JULY 2014 ~ A POEM

She takes a bottle,

smashes it against a breeze block

they used to build the barracks

that bake at noon and sweat at midnight.

Sorts out a piece of glass

sharp, fits neatly in her hand

draws it across her slender wrist

a green transluscent bow ’cross a brown cello.

She lies back, deeply tired.

More tired than she thought possible

sun incessant on her face

and, dignified, hoses her life over the wooden steps.

Within a few minutes they come running.

Rush her to the infirmary

wrapping her, scolding her,

but she is silent, crying silent, bleeding silent.

A dozen at least like this, they say,

because if they die their children

will have a golden future.

Dreaming of the lucky country.

And in the Ministerial offices

a man with glasses and a poor haircut

says we do not comment on detainee self-harm

we could not possibly…

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